Glittering Elements- New Releases

November 13, 2014

Get excited guys! The Glittering Elements store will be opening it’s metaphorical doors again on Friday afternoon, and Casey, the creator, has some goodies inΒ mind for you all.

Today I have two of Glittering Elements newest releases to share with you so you can get yourself ready for this release/restock.


The title of this polish holds so much potential for awesomeness, and does it deliver? Yes, I think so. Generally I pair the word unicorn with shimmery type things and rainbows, and Casey has really whipped up a unique treasure here.


Unicorn In A Bottle is quite unique. I really don’t think I’ve come across a polish quite like it before. The colour is difficult to describe. A blushing champagne nude, it’s not too pink, not too yellow, just right. The polish has a holographic effect and beautiful little silver holographic glitters which lay nice and flat.

I only needed two coats for opacity on my nails, and it applied like a dream, a very easy polish to use. I topped off my swatch with a shiny topcoat to protect it and show off the glitters.

unicorn-in-a-bottle-06 unicorn-in-a-bottle-05 unicorn-in-a-bottle-04 unicorn-in-a-bottle-03 unicorn-in-a-bottle-01


This is hilarious, because this polish really does look like some kind of fancy, fairy candy. It makes you feel so girly when you wear it. Pink lovers gather together, you’ll love this one.


Fairy Gumdrop is quite complex with a cool musky pink crème base, a holographic effect through it, silver shimmer, tiny stars, and silver and holographic glitters.

Again, this one applied easily. I only needed two coats for my swatches, and I topped this one off with one coat of topcoat.

Unfortunately for majority of my photos the sun decided to hide from me which was a huge shame, as the sparkly rainbows didn’t show up. You really have to see it’s beauty for yourself.

fairy-gumdrop-06 fairy-gumdrop-05 fairy-gumdrop-04 fairy-gumdrop-03 fairy-gumdrop-01

What a delicate looking pair right?

Unicorn In A Bottle and Fairy Gumdrop are being released this Friday the 14th November at 4pm AEST from Glittering Elements, as well as restocks of other select shades.

Check back in tomorrow as I have another Glittering Elements post for you, this time a trio.

Chris xx

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