Celestial Cosmetics- The Bon Temps Collection

November 5, 2014

Well, hi there folks. Today I have a fangtastic collection to share with you. A collaboration between Celestial Cosmetics and Color4Nails, this is the Bon Temps Collection. Inspired by the hit TV series True Blood, this collection of six polishes is mysterious, complex, and stunningly beautiful (just like so many aspects of the show).

To save me repeating myself about the polishes, as each one has the same formula, I’ll let you know the details before we see the pretties. The Bon Temps Collection is a series of six shades, all black based, containing duo chrome flakies and platinum silver flakies.

Each polish is highly saturated with base colour and all the inclusions. For each swatch I have three thin coats of the polish on it’s own, and one coat of topcoat. All the polishes applied super smooth and are really simple to use. Let’s see these babies then… There are quite a lot of photos due to the complex nature of the polishes.


Gold/purple/green/blue shift

Nightonthesun02 Nightonthesun07 Nightonthesun06 Nightonthesun05 Nightonthesun04 nightonthesun03


Gold/purple/magenta shift

souloffire01 souloffire07 souloffire05 souloffire04 souloffire03 souloffire02


Navy/purple/teal/gold shift

sparksflyout01 sparksflyout07 sparksflyout06 sparksflyout04 sparksflyout03 sparksflyout02


Magenta/purple/blue/gold shift

Firsttaste01 Firsttaste06 Firsttaste05 Firsttaste04 Firsttaste03 Firsttaste02


Teal/green/gold shift

releaseme06 releaseme05 releaseme04 releaseme03 releaseme02 releaseme01


Blue/purple/red shift

Deathisnot07 Deathisnot06 Deathisnot05 Deathisnot04 Deathisnot03 Deathisnot01

Phew, that’s all of them. I am so sorry for the extremely picture heavy post but I cannot express enough to you how these polishes throw off different colours in every possible lighting you can imagine.

One particular example is I was wearing The First Taste around town the other day, and while it doesn’t show in my photos here, as I was driving my car the shimmer turned a bright magenta, and then at another angle a stunning gold!

These polishes are so very alive and amazingly stunning. Perfect for sunny days, shady days, fall days, and vampy summer days. There is something in this collection for everyone, and they really have to be experienced for yourself to be truly appreciated.

I also highly recommend checking out other blog posts for a further look into these shades. I know Babsnails and Lokis Lacquer will have their blog posts up either today or tomorrow so go check out their swatches too.

The Bon Temps Collection will be available from Color4Nails Friday the 7th of November, and from Celestial Cosmetics Saturday the 8th of November.

Also, to help make things a little easier here is a little collage of all the shades together. Enjoy!

PicMonkey Collage

Have a great day guys!

Chris xx

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