Nail Transfers from Hungry Designs and Sayuri Lacquer

October 18, 2014

Last week I introduced you to a new range of products from Sayuri Nail Lacquer, a new polish, Blank Canvas, and stunning nail transfers by Hungry Designs. If you missed it, you can view that post here. Today I want to show you a couple of looks I created with them.

For the first look I wanted to pair an ice-cream cone transfer with a gentle yummy gradient.

I used Sayuri’s Charmed Aurora and Luminous Illusions for the gradient and added an ice-cream cone to a feature nail. It was so easy, and I really loved it. My kids thought it was pretty cool too, and proceeded to try and lick my nails in the hope that they were ice-cream flavour. What??




The second look I created was an interesting one using the sugar skull transfers. It’s ok, just not what it looked like in my head haha. I think it ‘took away’ from the beauty of the sugar skull a little bit. Silly me, trying to be too adventurous.

I applied Sayuri’s new neutral base colour, Blank Canvas, and using the dry brush technique applied Umbra, Magick Solace, Mystic Souls and Dark Intent, all from Sayuri’s Otherworldly Collection.




I am loving using these nail transfers to create different looks. You’re only limited by your imagination.

Nail Transfers and Blank Canvas are available now from Sayuri Nail Lacquer, and the transfers will soon be available from Hungry Designs themselves.

Chris x

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