Arcane Lacquer- Halloween Duo Swatches

September 20, 2014

Happy Weekend to my beautiful readers!

I’m back today with another stunning release of Halloween polishes. This time, I have a duo by Australian indie brand, Arcane Lacquer.

Well known for their phenomenal work with both subtle and pack a punch shimmers, these two fit the Arcane profile to a tee. I am so happy to see that Arcane continuously produce polishes that areΒ of an extremely high quality, and fit within the realms of what they do best. There is never any ‘downtime’ with this brand.

Arcane Lacquer is one of my favourite brands to buy from, and being able to swatch these two just confirms that for me. Not the ‘traditional’ Halloween shades, these are suitable for wearing any time of the year. I love that brands are really digging into their creative minds when formulating at the moment.


dscn1947Β dscn2005

The Eye Of The Fire is a stunning deep berry coloured jelly with a violet and ruby shimmer, and iridescence. The shimmer in this one is very strong, but due to the jelly base my camera wouldn’t catch it very well. It is amazing in person. You’ll have to take my word for it, and come and thank me later πŸ™‚

I applied three thin coats for my swatches and one coat of topcoat (Celestial‘s Solar Ray). My photos are all taken in full sun too, which is another reason the shimmer was disappearing into the jelly, not the polishes fault, all mine. Because they are in full sun, I will mention, that the polish appears slightly darker on the nail, and is definitely more of a berry colour than the raspberry you see here.

I love this polish. It’s just perfection. So squishy and liquid looking when applied, with excellent depth.





dscn2049Β dscn2106

Glorious Nightmare is most certainly NOT nightmarish, however, glorious definitely fits the description. This one is a warm, deep purple with the addition of iridescent red and blue, and a violet and gold shimmer.

I can’t stand it! That is, how much I freaking love it!

I applied three thin coats, and one coat of topcoat (Celestial‘s Solar Ray)Β  for my swatches. Once again, all my photos are taken in full sunlight, so the polish is showing a lighter shade than it is to the naked eye.




The Halloween duo will be available from tomorrow, the 21st September from Arcane Lacquer. To stay up to date with releases check out Arcane’s Facebook page.

At this stage I am unsure if the Halloween duo will be stocked at Arcane’s distributors, but if you are overseas, a quick enquiry to Bec (the owner of Arcane Lacuqer), or directly to your favourite stockist should give you an answer for that.

If you have never tried any Arcane Lacquer polishes before,Β do yourself a favour and try them out. You just have to get some of their shimmery goodness on your nails.

Chris xx

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