“You’re Never Too Old To Be Young” by Glam Polish (Part1)

August 12, 2014

Glam Polish are back!! Having recently taken their annual holiday, Glam Polish have come back this August with a fantastic new collection to share with us all. The “You’re Never Too Old To Be Young” collection consists of twelve fun new shades that take their inspiration from some of our most loved Disney Films, both older classics and newer favourites. In total, I have seven of the new shades to show you, four of which I’ll be showing you tonight.

Each of the three following holographic polishes required only two coats for opacity and one coat of topcoat. As always with Glam Polish, they applied beautifully on my nails, with no issues at all. All photos are taken in direct sunlight.


I keep describing this polish as aqua, whereas in truth it is a cool green with a beautiful golden sheen. I don’t know if it’s something in the scattered holo within it, or my eyes are going kookoo, but I always see a leaning towards the most beautiful aqua, making this one of my favourites in this collection. Inspired by the same titled song by Kermit the Frog in The Muppets from 2011.

img_4291 img_4289 img_4288 img_4287


A Whole New World is a beautiful purple with a rose golden sheen to it as well as the scattered holo effect. Inspired by the famous same titled song from one of my favourite movies, Aladdin. This, and another song from this collection were stuck in my head while I was swatching these polishes, I just love this song!

img_4284 img_4282 img_4278 img_4277


Friend Like Me is a stunning, fun periwinkle blue polish which has a purple sheen with the scattered holo. A really beautiful, uplifting and fun colour. This one is a must-have from this collection. Again inspired from the same titled song from Aladdin, I like that Aladdin has inspired two polishes for this collection.

img_4274 img_4270 img_4269 img_4268

That completes the three holo’s I have to show you from this collection, now I move to the glitter polish. There are three glitter polishes in this collection, I have the topper to show you tonight.


A very pretty, pastel coloured topper, this one is compatible for use over all the polishes in the collection, as well as being versatile for use on it’s own. This is the first pastel coloured glitter topper I own, and I really enjoyed using it. Inspired by the song from Cinderella back in 1950, this topper will surely end up a classic just like the movie. I had no problems withdrawing the glitters from the bottle and they went on the nail beautifully. I have shown it below with just one coat over Friend Like Me.

img_4266 img_4265 img_4264 img_4261

The ‘You’re Never Too Old To Be Young” collection will be available for pre-order tomorrow, the 12th August from Glam Polish, with shipping to Australia and US available. I will be back tomorrow to show you some more polishes from this collection, so make sure you check back in as they are gorgeous and you will not want to miss them! For those of you not located in the abovementioned countries, make sure you get in contact with your local stockist to find out when these will be in stock.

Chris x

 NOTE- These products were provided to me by the abovementioned company for my honest and unbiased opinion and/or swatching purposes. For more information visit my Copyright and Disclosure page. Thankyou.

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