Femme Fatale Cosmetics Ten New Shades

August 27, 2014

Intense. Stunning. Complex. Alluring. Just a few of the words I would use to describe these ten new releases by Australian cosmetic company, Femme Fatale Cosmetics. I have a huge post for you tonight, as I really didn’t want to separate these  polishes, so I’ve decided to smash you with them all in one go. With this release, Femme Fatale has put her holo’s to the side and gone ‘back to her roots’ with nine fantastic glitter polishes and just one shimmer polish. Don’t let yourself be deceived though, these glitter polishes are not ‘just’ glitter…each one is full of surprises, be it an unexpected shimmer or a surprise glitter which will only reveal itself when ready.


A clear based polish with various iridescent shimmers and small to large round pinks and holographic dots. It made me think of fairy orbs, do fairies have orbs? Or fairy ‘fluffs’ perhaps. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this one. The large dots are superb and the base shimmer is heavenly. It looked really delicate on, whilst still being solid. I applied just one dabbed coat over a grey base for my swatches and I really loved the look. This one would look awesome over a huge range of bases, for example, pink, blue, black, or silver. You are only limited by your imagination.

DSCN9096 DSCN9083 DSCN9077 DSCN9070 DSCN9056 DSCN9043


A beautiful green jelly based glitter bomb with tiny matte glitters for depth and a huge array of green to turquoise metallic and matte glitters. This is one of my favourites, there are a few that are my favourites, so therefore the favourite game is hard to play with these releases. I applied three very thin coats for my swatches of this one. When photographing this I have noticed that my camera has picked up a lot of the turquoise shine from the glitters in the polish, so I just want to assure you that it shows a lot more green to the naked eye than what it does here.

DSCN9265 DSCN9294 DSCN9287 DSCN9269 DSCN9268


A deep purple jelly base with an amazing iridescent blue shimmer and more glitters than I can recognise. The tint in the jelly is quite sheer, and opacity in most lighting is possible with two to three coats, however I think I would have loved this more had I swatched it over a solid base. I love the way the iridescents give a shifting appearance to the base, lifting the purple giving it a vibrant blue tone. I applied three very thin coats. I have shown this polish both glossy and matte too. I always love to matte my glitters, and do so whenever possible these days.

DSCN9370 DSCN9358 DSCN9308



I love this crimson jelly based glitter so much. It has a huge amount a glitters, absolutely jam packed. Those tiny matte black ones with metallic, reds, pinks, and copper. It looks amazing. I applied two dabbed on coats, and photographed this in it’s matte version as I loved it so much. It feels so decadent on..beautiful!

DSCN9040 DSCN9033 DSCN9032 DSCN9021 DSCN9018 DSCN9012


As mystical as the mermaiden herself, this polish is amazing. I firstly applied one dabbed coat over a pastel green base as I thought it matched very well with it’s golden shimmer, lavender, turquoise, and liquid coloured glitters. It looked lovely like this, however I thought to myself I’d try it over a dark base as I really wanted to see what that shimmer did. Holy cow! The black base I used (I applied two lightly dabbed coats) made the whole polish sing the song of a thousand fish tailed vixens. It truly glowed. I adore this polish. I’d love to try it over a deep green or blue too. I think it would look spectacular.

DSCN8560 DSCN8724 DSCN8720 DSCN8706 DSCN8698 DSCN8627 DSCN8602 DSCN8595 DSCN8589


Like the forest green sister to the previously released, blue toned, Nightsong Grotto, this one is gorgeous. It has various green toned glitters, as well as matte black sprinkles, and fuchsia highlights. It has an excellent squishy depth. I applied three very thin coats for my swatches, again a glossy and matte version here.

DSCN9243 DSCN9242 DSCN9203 DSCN9200 DSCN9184 DSCN9178


The shimmer of the bunch! Sunspring has the shimmer of the lucky carp in it, and a whole lot more. The formula of this is a little thicker than what you might be used too, however this is only because of the awesome quantities of shimmer, and large amount of sneaky flakies that sit within the polish. It levels itself really well, and is a really pretty colour on the nails, perfect for the warmer months. I recommend making sure you let this one dry really well between coats as it does apply thicker, so you want to avoid the drag that can occur from the flakies. The shimmer is very strong, and gives an awesome lift to the polish. I applied two coats of Sunspring for my swatches.

IMG_7862 IMG_7856 DSCN9158 DSCN9149 DSCN8801


This polish is as unique as the fictional character it was named for. I do not own anything like this polish, it is truly one of a kind, and my oh my! that neon glow! The jelly base is a very sheer pink, but floating within it’s depths is a beautiful pink to golden shimmer, and all the matte pink neon glitters in the world (perhaps a slight exaggeration). This polish made my skin look like I’ve spent a week on a tropical vacation. It is so fun to wear, and so versatile too. Like the previously mentioned Mermaidens Adoration, this sheer based polish is designed for layering, which makes it an excellent choice over both light and dark polishes. For my swatches I’ve shown just one dabbed coat over a white base and shown both glossy and matte. Oh, give me my sunglasses! This one literally was so hard to photograph, it blew me away. You need it, no questions! Keep an eye out over the coming week for this one over other bases, I can’t wait to play with it.

IMG_7821 IMG_7809 IMG_7805 IMG_7793 IMG_7757


Another polish I swatched two versions of, one over a pastel blue, and another over black to show off those shimmers. This one has huge golden holographic square glitters! I mean huge ones! I have never seen these used in a polish before. I would love to pick some out for a glitter placement. Ahhh, I get so many ideas when I swatch, I really must get around to making time for them. I really wanted to use this over Femme Fatale’s Noxious Mire too, I think that would be a great, blingy match!

DSCN8894 DSCN8891 DSCN8882 DSCN8870 DSCN8868 DSCN8862


“It reminds me of blood cells”, was Sophie’s (the owner of Femme Fatale Cosmetics) quote. Well, yes, it is exactly like a squirming, petrie dish of live, floating, multiplying blood cells. This one is truly liquid looking and luscious on your nails. The use of the range of similar and contrasting glitters give huge depth to this. I applied two dabbed coats, and again have the matte and glossy versions.

DSCN9438 DSCN9424 DSCN9423 DSCN9409 DSCN9389

If you read this far, thankyou! What a huge post! With everything from mythical beings, inspiring environments, and beautiful life covered in these releases, you’re bound to find a polish that connects to you. I feel that each of these polishes is meant to be uplifting and carefree, and I feel the maker’s happiness in creating these.

These ten new shades are available now from Femme Fatale Cosmetics who ship worldwide with some of the best rates around. You can also expect to see stock to arrive in the near future to stockists Color4Nails, Mei Mei’s Signatures, and Rainbow Connection. If you want your stockist to get hold of these, just contact them with your query.

I for one, have been missing glitter polishes hard, and am so happy to see a release like this to satisfy that need.

Chris x

 NOTE- These products were provided to me by the abovementioned company for my honest and unbiased opinion and/or swatching purposes. For more information visit my Copyright and Disclosure page. Thankyou.

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