Glam Polish- Did She Bottle A Unicorn? Part 1

June 1, 2014

I am so excited to show you four limited edition polishes over the next two days, that come from the heart of Glam Polish headquarters. I truly believe these are four of the BEST polishes I have seen for a very long time, worldwide, if ever. Big statement hey? Read on and see…

Just about every polish lover is a fan of Clarins 230, I know it’s one polish I would cuddle at night, similar dupes such as Fantasy Fire, and even the shimmer in Coronation (though completely different to the aforementioned Unicorn Pee), it’s those shimmers that really get us going. Well, Rachel from Glam Polish has managed to create, not dupes, but polishes that I think are equally as beautiful, if not, in some cases, better than those I’ve mentioned. Another big statement…

Today I have two to share with you, tomorrow I’ll be showing the other two, so make sure you check back in. I don’t want you to keel over at your desk or anything, so I thought it best to spread it out a bit. I feel the pictures are extremely important with polishes such as this, so there are a lot. Brace yourselves!


Mirage is a stunning berry red tinted base with a cacophony of tiny colour shifting shimmer throughout. I really struggle to find words for it other than blasphemous words of awe and amazement. The shimmer is exactly that which we see in the Clarins and equally as potent. In a comparison they are much brighter and more evident than any other shimmer I’ve seen on the market at this time (I’ve looked for the last month, since I received the polishes, to find something remotely similar, and failed). Even my photos cannot show how fabulous Mirage is, you need to get it for yourself.


The photos immediately below show Mirage on it’s own, three coats, and one coat of topcoat. The base is sheer, and layering is recommended. I’ve taken the photos graduating from full sunlight, to shaded areas, all outdoors, so you can see exactly what the polish will look like on your nails, it actually looks better to the naked eye I believe.

img_9568 img_9567 img_9566 img_9565 img_9564 img_9563 img_9562 img_9561

I then layered one coat of Mirage over a black base to really see the colour shift in the shimmer. Unfortunately the only place I could get the prominent green to reach the full extent of the shift, to turquoise, was indoors and the photo’s were poor quality, so they had to go. So, if you can picture the green reaching turquoise too. Every colour of the rainbow is shown in these shimmers. These photos are both taken in partial shade.

img_2501 img_2500


Made up of similar shimmer, although not rainbow colour shifting, Sapphire Eyes, is a blue based polish with blue shimmer. I can’t describe the shimmer that’s in it, and how it does the things it does, it literally makes the polish glow. I’m not very helpful am I?


At first I tried using it on it’s own, as with Mirage, however, that was a massive fail. This one definitely needs layering. My first swatches of Sapphire Eyes show two coats over a white base with no topcoat. What was I thinking?

img_9534 img_9536 img_9535

I was unhappy with how the swatches turned out, and in a discussion with Rachel, she said, “try it over a black base”. Duh!! And below is the sheer awesomeness that occurred. This is two coats over a black base, and with topcoat.

img_9903 img_9901 img_9900 img_9899 img_9898

Now into the nitty gritty. These polishes are extremely limited due to the fact that the shimmers were discontinued before Rachel could make a large quantity of these polishes, and I mean they are super limited in quantity.

In a decision I know Rachel has agonised over, these polishes will ONLY be available from Glam Polish,  for Australian residents in two small restocks on Thursday 5th June, one at 9am, AEST, and another small restock at 6pm. For buyers from USA, a small restock will occur at 8pm EST on Tuesday 10th June. These shades will not be available from any of Glam Polish’s international stockists, and shipping to any other country is unavailable.

Buyers are strictly limited to only ONE bottle of each shade. At the restock, there will also be a release of six limited edition multi-chrome polishes, and due to the limited availability, these are ONLY available to Australian customers. You can view bottle shots of these on Glam Polish’s Facebook page. Mirage will be available to purchase for $14.95 AUD, and Sapphire Eyes for $12.95 AUD. Also if you miss out on a polish at the earlier restock, and happen to nab it in the evening restock, Rachel will refund the extra postage and combine your orders.

Set the alarm ladies…I know I am.

Christine xx

  NOTE- These products were provided to me by the abovementioned company for my honest and unbiased opinion and/or swatching purposes. For more information visit my Copyright and Disclosure page. Thankyou.

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