A-England- Excalibur Renaissance

June 5, 2014

I was recently sent a bottle of A-England, Excalibur Renaissance to have a look at by Sophie, of Femme Fatale Cosmetics. This was my first experience with A-England, and might I say a bit of a pleasant one. I have, prior to this time, read a lot, and seen a lot of fabulous photos of polishes from the UK based brand, and to me, as an outsider, the brand appeared quite high class in it’s genre, extremely beautiful, and indulgent. I am happy to say that my first impressions have been realised. A-England polish is exceptional quality, and has an absolutely stunning colour range.

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Hailing from The Mythicals collection, Excalibur Renaissance is a platinum/silver polish that looks amazing in the bottle. With the recent onslaught of foil-type silver polishes, I was hesitant as to how this would perform. A lot of these type of polishes appear quite streaky on the nail, and in all honesty never look that great to me. As soon as I began applying it, I fell a little bit in love.

Excalibur Renaissance has excellent coverage on the nail. I also would imagine it to be an excellent stamping polish. The formula is smooth and highly pigmented. It applied quite evenly to the nail, which was great as the last thing you want with a polish of this nature is a bumpy uneven brushstroke, or bald spots.

I highly recommend ensuring that you have totally ‘clean’ nails before applying a polish with a chrome type effect. Tidy the cuticle off the nail, and give it a light buff for complete smoothness. This will allow the polish to finish in the manner it’s meant to. I applied two thin coats for my swatches and one of topcoat. I do not recommend doing thick coats, as you will see brushstrokes in the polish. As it is, this polish shows every little flaw on your nail, even the ones you thought weren’t there, so be confident when applying it, and prep those nails well.

I have never worn a straight silver polish on my nails before, and I was taken aback by how much I loved it. The look is smooth, sleek, and in a way, super attractive. What do you think? Have you used this, or a polish similar before? I am happy to discover a love for this brand, of which now I’ve gone and bought more of course, and a love for silver polish. Although not all silver polishes are created equal, I have seen some atrocities out there, but this one, I will happily vouch for.

As I mentioned at the start of this post, this was sent to me be Australian stockist, Femme Fatale Cosmetics, who stocks a wide range of A-England products with shipping available worldwide. The whole range can be viewed at A-England directly, and there you will also find a comprehensive list of their stockists worldwide.

Christine xx

NOTE- These products were provided to me by the abovementioned company for my honest and unbiased opinion and/or swatching purposes. For more information visit my Copyright and Disclosure page. Thankyou.

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