Arcane Lacquer- New Elegance

April 26, 2014

Today I am very excited to share with you two new polishes that have been added to Australian brand, Arcane Lacquer’s core line. May will see Arcane Lacquer turn one, and over the last year, we have seen this fantastic brand grow and find a specific niche in the artisan polish market, producing flawless, elegant polishes that are both demure and stunning.

The two polishes I have for you today are Pistola and Rarefied. Lets get into it 🙂


Pistola is a dark purple jelly polish with a stunning fuchsia pink and iridescent blue (I think) shimmer. There is also a dash of rainbow flakies in there for added depth. A tricky polish to name the glitters, a gorgeous polish on the nail. To the naked eye you see a midnight purple, dark and vampy, and when passing through light, a glimmer of colour will catch your eye. The flakies are so vibrant, and they sit so well in the jelly. This is a fantastic combination showcasing depth, shimmer and a stunning bold colour.

My swatches show three thin coats and one coat of top coat. Two regular coats would definitely have been sufficient, but I wanted to layer that goodness, and then lick it…its so jammy…and…sorry, I got carried away….







My favourite of the two, Rarefied is a rich chocolate brown based polish, that hits the nail on the head with it’s cocoa tones, and glamorous shimmer. The depth in this polish stems from the addition of teeny, tiny pink flakies and a dusting of holographic shimmer, just enough to give it some lift. Arcane Lacquer, genius within, takes a wintery, flat, creamy chocolate, and makes it fly…Rarefied 🙂

I applied three thin coats for my swatches, and finished it off with one coat of topcoat.







Please keep in mind, that I photographed my swatches in direct sunlight, specifically to show the shimmer in the polishes. To the naked eye both these polishes are a few shades darker, but both do lift in light because of the shimmer. You can see the deeper colour on the side walls of the nails in the photos.

Pistola and Rarefied are available from Arcane Lacquer now for $9.50 AUD with international shipping available. Keep your eyes on Arcane’s Facebook page too, as in the next week amazing birthday celebrations will begin.

These two polishes, in my opinion, are fantastic choices as additions to Arcane Lacquer’s core line. These polishes portray the style we’ve seen Arcane grow into, and I truly hope it’s a style we see built on and expanded in the future. I loved these so much I went straight out after swatching my samples and grabbed full sized bottles.

Christine xx

NOTE- These products were provided to me by the abovementioned company for my honest and unbiased opinion and/or swatching purposes. For more information visit my Copyright and Disclosure page. Thankyou.

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