Crows Toes- Season Of The Witch

March 10, 2014


Recently I participated in a polish auction which was organised by Facebook group, Kindness In Polish. This particular auction was founded to help raise some money to help ease the financial burden for a family going through a very tough time. The story of this family inspired me, touched me, and broke my heart, and I really wanted to help by contributing something. If my own family were in a similar situation, as a mother, it would be a small weight relieved to know that so many strangers care. I had a certain amount set aside either to win some polish in the auction or donate, but hey, who doesn’t like a donation that results in you winning a polish prize particularly if it’s on the ever-growing wish list.

I came across, bid and won, Season Of The Witch by American indie brand, Crows Toes Nail Color. This polish, along with Indian Summer, by the same brand was noted on my wish list, so I was stoked to manage to get it. I’m sure there would be many more polishes from Crows Toes I’d love, but I’ve sort of banned myself from looking.



Season Of The Witch is a blackened base polish filled with changeling flakies that dominate a forest green, on the curve move to blue and purple, and if you can get the shift to go further, you’ll spot gold. I loved the uniqueness of this polish when I first saw it, and it’s mysterious appearance beguiled me.

For my swatches I layered two coats over a black base. The polish spread really easy and I loved the brush in the bottle, it made application super simple. The polish dries fast, so that was impressive. I did notice that the polish had a really odd smell to it, like no polish I’ve ever smelled before. I’m putting this down to the fact that I am more used to Australian indies and their aroma’s, since most Australian makers use the same base for their polishes, I’m assuming the base of this one has different ingredients which is not a bad thing, just not what I’m used to.





I know my macro of the single nail is a little off, that’s because my camera was absolutely flipping out at all the shimmer and colour change.

 I really love this polish, and can definitely see myself wearing it regularly the coming season. My colour likings are always very moody, and seasonal, and Season Of The Witch will definitely have a place in my go to drawer.
How about you? Do you own any Crows Toes? If so, do you recommend any for me to try?

I have to say, while writing this post, I browsed through the Crows Toes Facebook page, and oh my goodness, now I want more! What a fabulous brand! I’ll be visiting our own local Femme Fatale Cosmetics (who kindly stock this brand)tonight to get my hand on more Crows Toes for sure.

Christine xx

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