Celestials New Glitters

March 30, 2014

It’s definitely been a Celestial Cosmetics dominating week here hasn’t it…..and the awesomeness its brought us, means it’s been a good week.

My final post of the two I’ve previously shared (you can see them here and here) is focusing on Nicki’s new glitter polishes due for release April 1st at Celestial Cosmetics store. These new releases include five jelly based polishes, all densely populated with micro glitters, and the occasional larger, contrasting glitters. I have three of them to show you tonight, but make sure you check out Celestial Cosmetics Facebook page to see swatches of the others.

Each of these polishes has the same nature so I will describe the formulas as a whole. Each polish has a tinted base that is packed to the neck with various microglitters, flakies, hexes, holo’s or mattes. I will describe each one separately below. The nature of polishes that are glitter packed like this means they will become opaque in two-three coats on they’re own, however you may decided to layer them as I have done for my swatches. There is so much glitter in each of the polishes I do not recommend applying theme the same, as say, a crème polish. It just wont work. You need to hold the brush parallel with the nail plate, and dabble it on thinly, similar to a textured polish. With the correct application the effect is stunning. The jelly and glitters perform well together to create amazing depth and sparkle.

Black Hole– This polish has a black tinted base and is filled with micro black hex glitters and holo glitters. Throughout are slightly larger black glitters, which give the finished look a magical effect of the ‘negative space’ black hole within a galaxy appearance. This swatch is one coat over a black base.

img_4197 img_4198 img_4199 img_4200

Below is a photo I decided to keep because I loved the effect that occurred. I had a high contrast option on my camera and the light reflected between the topcoat and the base, through the jelly, giving off a fantastic natural galaxy.


Brown Dwarf– This polish has a light brown tinted base, and is filled with golden, copper and rich caramel coloured glitters and flakies. These photos show two very light coats over a chocolate brown base.

img_3149 img_3150 img_3151 img_3152 img_3154

Comet Lulin– This polish has a pale green tinted base, and is filled with turquoise, holographic, green, and white glitters. My swatches show two thin coats over a pale green base.

img_3062 img_3063 img_3064 img_3065 img_3066 img_3067

Of the three glitters I’ve swatched, my favourite has to be Brown Dwarf. I love brown toned polishes, then with the added gold and bronze, once applied, it’s amazing!! But, I do have to say if you’re a green lover, you will adore Comet Lulin. And a galaxy mani ready made, with Black Hole, you’ll have the perfect vampy look, with the sparkle showing at just the right time. So hard to choose. Buy all the polish!!!! hehehe!

Remember, April 1st, it’s marked in my diary, how about yours? Which type of Celestial is your favourite, holo’s or glitters?

Christine xx

NOTE- These products were provided to me by the abovementioned company for my honest and unbiased opinion and/or swatching purposes. For more information visit my Copyright and Disclosure page. Thankyou.

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