Celestial Cosmetics Gets Lucky For St.Patricks Day

March 4, 2014


I am so excited to show you this tonight, because I’m so completely smitten with it. These two polishes make up the  St.Patricks Day Duo from Celestial Cosmetics. I was surprised by how much I love them. Of course I’ve seen swatches and definitely liked them, but when I lined the two bottles together and proceeded to apply the pretties I was blown away.

 This duo consists of a lovely smooth crème, Shamrock Shine, and a clear based glitter topper, Blarney Blush. They compliment each other perfectly and are stunning shades even on their own.


 Firstly I’ll show you my swatches of Shamrock Shine. This is the first basic crème I have ever seen from Nicki. I have used her cream based glitters before and loved the quality of them I must say. The colour of this is so stunning (you’ll be seeing a lot of gushing in this post). It is the perfect green to represent the shamrock, the glisten of the early morning dew glistening on the shamrock leaf. It’s not too ‘pastel-y’, and not too bright. It’s a heavenly blend of a mint gelato and  Jade stone. Application-wise, it went on the nail like a dream. Opaque in two even coats, applying it smoothly to the nail is easy, even for beginners. My swatches show two coats with no topcoat. I have also shown it both in full sun and shade. Full sun shows a lovely reflective shine, in the shade the colour intensifies nicely.



Next, the topper, Blarney Blush. Not a particularly huge fan of toppers, this one has impressed me beyond expectation! Just how well it goes with Shamrock Shine, blew my wee Irish socks off! Not only this though, it matches so well with other polishes in my collection I’m actually excited to get my topper on for once. Now I did my research (shocked, I know) and I know the ‘legend’ says, “If you kiss the Blarney Stone, you will be gifted with eloquence and persuasion”. So perhaps this glitter shows the ‘blush’ you get after kissing said stone, or perhaps it’s just that all your blood has rushed to your head since you need to dangle upside down to kiss said stone.

Either way, the glitter mix in this bottle of sparkle is outstanding, with different shades of green, holo and blue dots, squares and hexes. The polish applied neatly, with no need to fish for glitter, but not so much glitter the base polish was compromised. I did one dabbled coat over my ring finger, and a glitter gradient on the other nails. I then decided to add a matte topcoat to finish, a decision I did not regret. I can tell you, with this look, I feel my nails are undoubtedly eloquent and persuasive, who could resist them, so Blarney in the title is entirely accurate.




I loved it so much, it’s still on my nails, as I head back to work, not nailtech work, my other work, childcare, tomorrow for the first time since I had my last child. I’m sure the kids there are going to flip out over these pretties!

 In conclusion , I want more. More crèmes, some crèmes with a hint of a shimmer or glimmer for use on their own, or duos like this with a topper that makes them pop!!

Australians should head to Celestial Cosmetics to have this in time for St. Patricks Day! You won’t be disappointed! International customers, you can email Nicki via the website to discuss your options, as international shipping direct from Australia is becoming available for one day per month. Otherwise you need to get onto your stockists, Color4Nails, Mei Mei’s Signatures and EdgyPolish to express your interest.

Thanks for reading, I hope you love these as much as I do.

Christine xx

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