An Experiment With Stamping

March 6, 2014


I finally decided to delve into the world of nail stamping recently. As recently as last week actually. I researched stampers and plates and polish, and got advice of experienced stampers, much better than ifΒ I went into the whole she-bang blind. My tiny package arrived yesterday, and after work, I was a bit excited to get it all out and have a play.


There are so many options out there for all this, but I thought I’d start out small, and if I do ok, I can enlarge my collection over the next few months. On advice, stamper wise, I purchased the Messy Mansion white squishy rectangular stamper. So far, I love it. It fits the length of the nail beautifully, and seems to stamp so clean and precise (when not done by a complete newbie), and I love the squishy nature of the pad.

For the plates, I chose Lily Ana plate 06 and Messy Mansion MM21. Small selections, but I didn’t want to go and buy a heap if I end up totally sucking at.

So after trialling a couple of polishes, I found a few that worked really well. I am already becoming pretty excited when I discover a polish that stamps well. I’ve spent most of today, between seeing to the kids, running in and doing a quick random stamp, just to see if a particular polish works. Luckily, I have a lot of very pigmented polishes, the Bio Sculpture ones all work beautifully, as do a fair few indies, so I don’t really think I’ll have a huge need to purchase the ‘special’ stamping polishes.

Below is my first ever mani attempt at stamping. It’s a bit average, but I think shows me that I may have some potential. I am kind of thinking I can see where my faults are, and where practise will help me improve.

On my index and pinkie I am wearing Models Own Bronze, on the middle and ring fingers are Bio Sculpture Totally Topaz. I have used Rimmel Zeitgeist as the stamping polish.


Ok, so clearly the lines did not turn out neat, I am still unsure as to whether I should be stamping directly on the nail, or rolling it from the cuticle up towards the free edge. And I also am not getting the stamp to go all the way to the curve on the side walls of the nail. I’m not sure if I’m meant to roll the stamper down the sides, or press harder on the nail, whichΒ I’m sure to not be too good. I also think I am putting too much polish on the plate, and its causing some kind of drag with the image. All these things will come with practise I guess. Remember, this is my first time.

So I practised all day, and tonight am going to attempt stamping over my gel mani. So excited, because if I can do this well, it sure will save me a lot of time with free-handing nail art. Addicted to stamping is occurring slowly but surely.

Stay tuned to see how I progress with all this. And please, if you have any advice, leave a comment below, I appreciate all your advice.

Christine xx

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