All The Glitter Bombs

March 19, 2014


My main aim behind doing this post was, a) Use some untrieds, and b) finding out exactly how many glitter bomb polishes I could get one one nail, whilst still having it look ok.

In the end, I went with three heavily glittered indie polishes, over a very sheer base colour. It does appear kind of a mish mash, but the effect was quite nice, and certainly shiny.


For my base I used two coats of Bio Sculpture Dawn, a sheer lilac with a pink/lilac shimmer through it. It’s a great base shade for when you want something there, but not a whole lot of a noticeable something, and the shimmer in it adds a lovely touch when covered with a glitter polish.

The glitter bomb’s I used are all by Femme Fatale Cosmetics, and I decided to apply them in a gradient style. Firstly I put down a layer of Ebon Roses, then I added a small amount of Veil Of The Siren on the tips of the nail. Lastly, starting in zone two of the nail plate I did a two layers of Gilded Rose. Obviously then, on went two coats of topcoat, to smooth the look.

 IMG_1638 IMG_1639 IMG_1640

I’m still a little undecided if I like this look. It was an experiment for sure. I think perhaps, too much glitter. Is there such a thing? I like it, then I don’t, and I’m not sure why? Either way, I had an idea in my mind to do this with these polishes, and if I hadn’t of tried it would have tortured me until I did.

Thanks for looking. Have a great night.

Christine xx

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