AIPAS Weekly Theme- I’m Cheating (kind of)

March 27, 2014

The Australian Indie Polish Appreciation’s weekly theme was to show something starting with N or W. Well, being a smarty pants, I am showing one that starts with R, but really it could be N, so I cheat!! This polish is one I picked up during Femme Fatale Cosmetics recent sample sale. It was an afterthought, not one I originally sought out, but really glad I got hold of it. Its name is, Rudie :-). But I like to call it Nudie Rudie 🙂 hence the cheating. Nudie Rudie is a burnt nude holographic polish. It is a lovely shade of nude, sort of sun-kissed in direct sunlight, and demure in the shade. Unlike a lot of holo polishes, when in the shade they can look a bit blah! This one looks amazing, and is perfect for a simple look for work, or when you don’t feel like anything too bright. It applied beautifully, opaque in two coats. The holo in it has golden overtones, that make it light up warmly. A really gentle, lovely combination of colours.






 I have no other nude holo’s in my collection and was pleasantly surprised by how much I like this one, and how often I will wear it, because of it’s everyday nature.

Bottles of this polish were extremely limited, but just to give you an idea, there are plenty of stunning nude holo’s out there, and I think if you only had one nude, make it a holo because they are so versatile.

Christine xx

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