My Favourite Black

February 16, 2014

Hi All

I see a lot of posts on Instagram asking what is your favourite black, so I thought I’d add mine in a little post on here.

I guess finding a black that has even coverage, generally two coats or less, good dry time, and no gloopiness, can be a problem. I know previous to finding the black I now use, I had a lot of issues, I definitely couldn’t find the perfect one.

Problem solved for me. I currently use Bio Sculpture #2017 Licorice, which is their name for plain old black.


I will probably never stray from this black. It would have to be pretty darn impressive to make me change from this one. I use this for all mani’s or nail art where I require black nail polish. It’s benefit’s….One coater with great coverage. Flat wide brush means three even strokes and your done. The product is 3 free. It’s formula is just perfect, not too thick or too thin. Downside for non Bio Sculpture Technicians, it’s retail price here in Australia is $20.00 which is a lot I suppose. I, however would not mind paying that much for a high quality polish that I use frequently, so it’s really personal choice.

The photo’s in this post show one coat, quickly applied. No top coat, base coat etc. It does not stain, and is shiny enough on it’s own. Also wear time is great, it will last days without chipping. These polishes can be found by visiting your nearest Bio Sculpture Salon.




There we go, my favourite black. I’m curious, what’s yours?

Christine xx

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