How Do You Like Your Kevin?

February 4, 2014

Good Evening Again!

Most pressing matter first…Yes, today I had a huge wedge break off the corner of my index finger, sad times, I know. Therefore, my nails have now been resized to cute little fingernails. Seriously I look like a child, nail-size-wise! Definitely not the rest of me!

I decided it would be a great idea to swatch some reds or darks I’ve got waiting for me. I am a huge fan of those shades on shorter nails, they are so sophisticated looking. Lo and behold, I was woe to discover I must have a case a swatchers remorse, because in addition to nail demise, I have a case of skin dryness and peeliness, either that or the early onset of leprosy. This means that until I have to, I will be doing posts I have in backlog. You just know a swatching package will turn up tomorrow right!

Blah blah, poor me!
So despite my affliction I did one swatch today of a polish I purchased a few weeks back. Yes I’m probably the last person in the Australian indie community to purchase this, it doesn’t matter!

This red beauty is called Kevin and is from Powder Perfect’s Home Alone Christmas Collection. Boy oh boy, did I not read reviews on this? Was I living under a boulder? This polish was a surprise to me! Blown away I was!


On the outside, and primarily every swatch I’d seen showed a super sparkly festive red polish packed with tiny glitters for intense sparkle! Truly beautiful, but you know similar to a lot of other sparkly red glitter polishes, nothing too fancy, except what drew me into buying it was the depth I saw in the glitter. Now I’ve actually used it I see where the depth comes from.


Above- Macro bottle shot of Kevin’s teeny, tiny glitters.

This polish is actually very, very similar in formula to the Dance Legend Sahara Crystal range. The difference being, I’m not sure if this was ever meant to be a textured polish, it’s certainly not as textured as Sahara Crystal, yet it has the same effect and is much easier to work with. I will do a post on one of my favourite Sahara Crystals, just as soon as my nails feel better, so you can see how similar they are.

Firstly I will show my pictures of two coats of Kevin, without topcoat. The glitters used in making it give a delightful rough smoothness on the nail, and a dusky opaqueness with stunning glints of shine. It’s like looking into a freshly cut rock and seeing the sparkle of the Ruby within.



Now, I have my pictures for you of Kevin with two coats of Peita’s Polish Quick! Gloss Me Up! topcoat. I could still feel the texture ever so slightly through the nail, but it appeared smooth in the photographs. This is a very thirsty polish, so make sure you are using a topcoat that is a little thicker, like the one I’ve used, or even Seche Vité, or HK Girl, if you swing that way.




There we go, the one polish, with two very different ways of wearing it. I would love to see a super close macro or microscopic view of a nail polish like this. It’s the textured glitter, the tiny little jagged spikes within the dried polish, that when coated with topcoat give the depth you see. The topcoat sinks into every miniscule gap and reflects all the glitters back on themselves. It’s amazing really.

So, my question is…If you own this polish, how do you prefer it? To be honest, I prefer it without the topcoat. I love the gently textured look that it has, that makes it a world apart from every other red glitter polish. If you don’t own it, you should grab it while it’s still available, as I believe it’s quite limited. Visit Powder Perfect to score a bottle of Kevin.

I want to see more polishes like these, not the textured that are coming out now, they accidentally, slightly textured like this. Its superb, and I highly recommend it to anyone’s red collection. If it’s too much on it’s own, you could just use it on a feature nail, or pair it with some trendy lines. I really would love to own a black one in a similar style to this, black with deep blood red glitters or purple glitters.

Thanks for reading.

Christine xx

Ps- Pray for a speedy recovery for my poor hands 🙂

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