Daily Nail Care and Empties

February 10, 2014


As part of me attempting to keep to some kind of routine/schedule for my blog, tonight’s post revolves around nail care etc. I’ll probably be doing a little series on these, including regular nail care, nail care for those who use gel on their nails, footsies care, and the occasional body products specials, because I am a fan of my product usage!

We’ll start this week with my personal daily nail care routine, and my current empties from my daily usage.

First up keeping those nails clean. Keep a handy little nail brush in your shower, near your bathroom sink, or wherever you like. Choose a good quality one, you don’t want the feeling of needles penetrating below your free edge and into the nail bed. I know of so many people who use a metal tool of some sort, or the nails of their opposing hand to clean under their nails. DO NO DO THIS EVER! Please! Doing this creates stress on the side wall of the nail, thus creating a little stress fracture, which is bound to form into a crack in the side of your nail. Your nail will break. I clean with this nail brush whenever I get some nastiness in there, every time I shower, and if you’re swatching inclined, in between every swatch after nail polish removal and cuticle push. Added benefit, the gentle scrubbing motion over the matrix (part where nail is formed) and the cuticle stimulation, will help nails grow, and keep those cuticles neat. Try it out, make it a regular routine, and see if you can notice a difference. This nail brush is from Bio Sculpture (rrp $3 au).


Next in my routine is a hand and nail scrub. Everyday in the shower I apply a scrub. I have had this tube of Bio Sculpture Apricot Kernel Scrub (rrp$20 au) for about 5 months and use it daily. As with your face, the scrub removes dead skin cells, which actually builds up quite quickly on the natural nail. This particular scrub also contains a product called Urea, which helps to soften hard skin, so if, like me you get little hard bits of skin on the sides of your nail, just near the free edge, this product works great. Now I’ve finished this tube I’m moving onto a new product to try though, because although the results are great, I’m not a huge fans of the gritty bits of apricot kernel that get stuck under my nails (making for extra use of previously mentioned nail brush). I think I’ll be keeping the use of this particular product for treating feet as it is clearly one I use in my salon.


Lastly, the product that has been my saviour for the last eight months. Lush, Lemony Flutter (rrp $16 au). There are plenty of reviews out there about this product. It is very good. I finally finished my little tub last week, even still after giving small amounts away to a couple of friends in desperate need of cuticle help. I applied this long before I even really cared about my nails and what they looked like, and it was so wonderful. I did find that it is quite oily, even though you only use a small amount, the oils warmed and rapidly left the nail glistening. The smell is divine. I have used this product twice a day for said amount of time, after a shower, while my cuticles are still soft and absorbent, and before bed. Not a big fan of using it throughout the day, however because it is super oily. Plus if you get it near food, your drink or your mouth, you’ll soon know about it. It tastes disgusting! I did find that while the initial effect of this product was fantastic, if you skipped a day, or if the air was particularly dry, once the oils had disappeared it did not take long for the moisture to be lost from the cuticle. I’m not sure why this is so, and I have read no other honest review that mentioned it, but that has been my experience and observation. I’m currently trialling my next cuticle product, and will hopefully have that review ready in the next couple of weeks.


Maybe this all seems like a lot of ‘hogwash’, but I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. You need to take care of your nails, hands and try new products on them. Whether you take photos of them, or not, if you polish them, get gel or acrylics etc. No amount of beautiful polish or nail art will ever look good with dry nasty cuticles and uncared for canvases. These things are tiny, and there are cheaper substitutions out there if that is an issue. It’s easy to get into a routine of doing things like this and just takes a heap of time. It will make your nails look better, and if you visit a nail tech, it will make here love you that little bit more.

And please excuse my yellowed nails you see there. I had been swatching a lot, when I took these photos.

Thanks for reading. Now go and apply some cream or oil or anything to your cuticles 🙂

Christine xx

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