Dance Legend Icy Time #996

January 9, 2014

Hello 🙂

Today I’d like to show you the first of many, (I hope), Dance Legend posts. It’s likely you’ve seen all these beauties before, but hey, it’s Dance Legend! You can admire these polishes time and time again.

Dance Legend is made in Russia, and is one of three brands made outside Australia that I have ever really drooled over and yearned for. This mostly, has been because of nail blogger, Anna Gorelova, someone whose work I admire very much. The other two are A England and Chanel. I have an extreme aversion to any ‘mainstream’ polishes, so for me, this is as mainstream as I’ll ever be!

Dance Legend patented UV reactive nail polish back in 2000, and since then has been at the cutting edge of producing amazing bottles of three free nail polish. Russia kept Dance Legend to themselves for a long time, and has only recently decided to share them with the world.


This particular Dance Legend is from the line Icy Time, it is number 996. A bright royal blue, it has undertones of purple and pink which can be picked up under certain lighting. It appears as a crème, but definitely has an icy depth, which seems to make it reflective to it’s surroundings.  It is truly stunning, and I loved wearing this around. I found myself constantly admiring my nails and peering in at the depth.



For these photos I did two coats, and topped it with one coat of topcoat. The formula is smooth and velvety, dried pretty darn fast, and is hard to clean up if you make a boo boo, purely because of the rich pigment. Therefore application must be precise and speedy for a smooth finish. The reflective nature of the polish gives it the ‘icy’ look. It’s so amazing, I cannot gush enough about this one.

As a bit of fun, below I have added a photo of me having an ‘Icy Time’ doing a swatch shot, as well as obligatory close-up.


I purchased these and more Dance Legend polishes from the new So Nailicious Boutique, run by the lovely Maria, who has brought Australia these and other beautiful polishes. This shade is currently sold out, but the good news is more will be available on the 18th of January 2014. Don’t be too disappointed, because there are plenty of other shades on there to try!

You can also buy Dance Legend direct from Russia, however as I haven’t yet, I  can offer no recommendations on the postal system from there. Stay tuned though, because I believe I will attempt my first international order through them very soon.

I hope you have enjoyed my first Dance Legend post, and if you want to see more like these, be sure to follow or re-visit as I have a lot more to share.

‘Till next time, Christine xx


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