The Furies

December 11, 2013


Today I want to show you swatches of a trio of polish’s, The Furies, which I purchased from Shades Of Phoenix.


Teneil, the owner and master-mind behind Shades Of Phoenix, does amazing research into the creations she makes, from naming the collections, and the story behind each collection to each separate bottle having it’s own personality. This is the main thing that draws me to this brand, it’s not just “Let’s make a polish and call it what it looks like!” I love reading the stories behind each polish and then getting the picture or feeling in my head from looking at the display of colours and glitters.

In short, taken from Greek Mythology, the Furies are deities of vengeance, and were three sisters that served for Hades, punishing those that committed wrongs against others. Their names are Alecto, Magaera, and Tisiphone.

Alecto was the goddess of anger. Depicted in polish form by a squishy purple jelly base, jam-packed with holo pink glitters, purple square and iridescent blues, it is truly delectable on the nails. The iridescents, give the polish a colour shifting effect that is simply amazing. Truly hard to photograph due to the jelly goodness, but I did the best I could. The following pictures show two coats over a ruby red base.

IMG_2245 IMG_2247

Magaera, was the goddess of Jealousy, and here is accurately depicted in a fluid looking jelly evergreen base. It contains the most gorgeous looking aqua coloured dots, I love them, along with lots of green glitters and large black dots. Once again hard to photograph due to the squishy-ness ( I always struggle with these types of polishes, particularly trying to get them colour accurate without editing). I have shown here two coats over one of turquoise. I could probably have done another coat to make it perfect, sorry! It looks so liquid and life-like!

IMG_2292 IMG_2294

Lastly we have Tisiphone, who was the goddess of Vengeance. This was by far my favourite of the trio. The polish has a blood red base, which sets of the one hundred million red, and pink glitters (no exaggeration!), I think it must also contain some perhaps purple iridescence, as in certain lights it gives of a purple reflection that is simply a delight! I have teamed two thin coats over one of ruby red, but unlike the others it certainly didn’t need undies.

IMG_2297 IMG_2296

All in all, I am glad I purchased these polish’s, I had wanted them since they were released. My only slightly sad moments were, when the polish’s arrived I was disappointed to see they weren’t boxed, as all my other Shades Of Phoenix polish’s are, but that’s a minor cosmetic issue for my polish rack, haha. Secondly, the formula on all three was a tad thinner than what I was used to, and could easily have soaked my cuticles if I wasn’t careful. But other than that the trio is simply stunning.

Unfortunately, and sorry to have tempted you, but this trio has recently sold out! But I have good news! Shades Of Phoenix is currently having a ‘clearing-out’ sale, to make room for new stock in the new year. With this in mind, Teneil has heavily reduced stock that will be discontinued. This includes the Dia De Meurtos colours (with the exception of Mictlan) that I featured HERE. They are stunning polish’s and this year this brand has definitely crept up my list of favourite brands. And as a special Christmas gift, Teneil is offering Free Postage (within Australia). Use the code below when checking out.


Thanks for reading, and I’ll be back again real soon. I have such a backlog of posts I want to get in before the new year, so I must get moving!


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