You’re A Wizard- Shades Of Phoenix

November 6, 2013

Hi, Happy Wednesday!!

How awesome is this topper? I love polish’s like this as they’re so versatile. This is made by Shades Of Phoenix, and is aptly called You’re A Wizard!

It is ‘wizardy’, as it contains little iridescent glitters, and when you apply it, the colour shifting glitters change the entire look of your mani. I’d love to try this on lots of different colours. For today, I have shown it only on black and red.

And can I also say, that my Spectacular Customer Service award goes to Teneil, the owner of Shades Of Phoenix, as during transit, and the temperature change ( South to North), the viscosity off the polish was altered. My communication about this with Teneil was wonderful, and after a touch of love the polish was restored to it’s perfect original state.

Below is You’re A Wizard, one coat over two of Bio Sculpture Licorice(#2017)

IMG_9183 IMG_9219

And, one coat over my current mani, Bio Sculpture Gel, Pillar Box (#19)


I just LOVE this on the red!  It makes me want to go and play with Christmas polish. I love Christmas more than any other holiday!

Unfortunately, I grabbed the last bottle of this, mwhahaha! But maybe if we jump up and down, she’ll make some more! No need, Shades Of Phoenix store is packed with plenty of sparkly goodness. It’s where I also purchased my Dia De Muertos polish’s from. As a Shade’s Of Phoenix newbie, I can’t WAIT to see what’s on the menu for Christmas here.

Have a great day guys.


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