Psychadelia on my Nails

November 25, 2013

Omgosh Guys

I had this bottle of polish sitting in my drawers for quite a while, untried, unloved and just waiting for the opportunity (and time) to get on my nails. Well, today was the day, and gosh darn, I’m in love with it.

I am a member of a fairly newly founded Facebook group named, The Australian Indie Polish Appreciation Society, in short, a page created for lovers, makers, stockists and anyone interested in strictly Aussie Indies. Each week the mods of AIPAS create a ‘challenge’ for us, it can be anything from a specific colour (ie- show us your blue polish) or, as it was this week, a polish beginning with the letter P. This prompted me to dig this one out, and I only posted the one photo on the Facebook page, however I got a lot of pics that I loved so thought, who better to share them with, then you!!!

I’ll keep the babble short for you tonight, hehehehe.


This is Psychadelia, by Sayuri Nail Lacquer, an Australian company owned by Anthea Consentino. Operating since early 2013, Sayuri has put out some super groovy artisan polishes. This particular one is from the Crystal Dreams Collection. Psychadelia, is a colour shifting flaky type polish, best applied over a base colour. It shifts from purple, to golden, and on certain angles, a bright blue shines through. Here I layered two coats over one of black, no topcoat.



I clearly managed to capture the purple-gold shift, and just barely got a hint of the blue with some of my peculiar hand poses. I don’t have a very arched side wall on my nails, as I assume would have made a huge difference.

I love the versatility of polishes like this, and am so happy to have finally tried it, and I hope you enjoyed me sharing it with you tonight.

Like I said, just a quick post, sharing the love.

Thanks for reading, and come back tomorrow. I’m going to do a post explaining little more about me and why I do things they way I do. It should be a good read.

Have a great night everyone. x

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