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October 15, 2013


October is International Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month, and today, October 15th, is the official awareness day to raise awareness and also to remember those who have been taken too soon, and those who have been affected by pregnancy and infant loss.


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I have joined with amazing group on Facebook called Wave Of Polish, where during the month of October on Tuesdays, and particularly today, we create a manicure in remembrance of the angels who left footprints on the hearts of many, thus creating a Wave Of Polish to raise awareness. The group is run by Theresa Carter, who is an amazing lady herself, and in conjunction with creating this polish event, is holding a very special Auction of one off, specially made polish’s to raise funds for a group named SANDS Australia. SANDS Australia provides support for the family and understanding for those who have lost a child, from the time of conception to after a child has been born.

To join in the wave of polish, you can visit the Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/waveofpolish/

To view the blog for Wave Of Polish http://waveofpolish.blogspot.com.au/

I missed the first Tuesday of this month, but here is my pink and blue mani from last Tuesday and today that I created in remembrance.

IMG_6288 IMG_6297

A little bit about me.. I have not personally experienced the loss of an infant or pregnancy. Instead, I have been blessed to carry three healthy babies, birth them, and raise them the best I can. I tell you though, not a day goes by, that both myself and my husband do not count our blessings and are grateful to have not experienced any major issues as yet with our children. I have known many people close to me who have experienced a devastating loss, my mother in law gave birth to a sleeping daughter, my sister in law lost a precious life too early before she got to meet her baby, and while I cannot personally feel what they felt, I can perhaps hope to offer some understanding for their loss by putting myself in their shoes. I loved my little ones immediately, and that love grew while I carried them, feeling their kicks and warmth within me, birthed them, and still grows each and every day as I watch them grow. The pain a mother and family feels when a little life is lost is unfathomable to me. Whilst participating in the Wave Of Polish and doing my mani’s my thoughts were filled with love for my own children, love for the mothers out there who have angel babies, and love for the children of the world that did not have the chance to flourish as they should have. Doing these mani’s, and writing this post now, makes my heart ache and fills my eyes with tears. Today, we remember you.

A quote now, from Theresa Carter, her blog and her Facebook page.

“If there is only one Tuesday you can commit to painting your nails this month please chose this date. Around the world on today, the 15th of October at 7pm people are asked to light a candle. Then throughout the time zones a wave of light is made in memory of the precious lives taken too soon. Let’s also make October 15th a wave of polished hands showing support throughout the world.”

There are Instagram tags in use #waveofpolish and #pregnancyandinfantloss. Your manicure doesnt need to be a work of art, it just needs to be. I beg of you to do this today, and share your love with the world. And if you can afford to, visit the Auction at http://waveofpolish.blogspot.com.au/ bid to raise money for SANDS. The support Theresa has recieved has been amazing, and the awareness and support she is creating is one of the most beautiful things I have seen in a long time.

IMG_6285 IMG_6284

Thankyou for reading. Theresa, I think you, and all the other mum’s out there are amazing women, and today, all day, I am remembering for you all.


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